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REUTERS/Max Rossi 1/3 left right Pope Francis speaks during the Easter vigil mass in Saint Peter's basilica at the Vatican, April 15, 2017. REUTERS/Max Rossi 2/3 left right Pope Francis holds Book of the Gospels as he leads the Easter vigil mass in Saint Peter's basilica at the Vatican, April 15, 2017. REUTERS/Max Rossi 3/3 By Philip Pullella | VATICAN CITY VATICAN CITY Pope Francis, leading the world's Roman Catholics into Easter, urged them on Saturday not to ignore the plight of immigrants, the poor and other vulnerable people. In his homily at an Easter Vigil Mass in St. Peter's Basilica, Francis recounted the Biblical account of Jesus Christ's mother Mary and Mary Magdalene, filled with grief, as they went to visit his tomb following the crucifixion. Their grief, he said during the solemn ceremony, could be seen in the faces of many women today. "In their faces we can see reflected all those who, walking the streets of our cities, feel the pain of dire poverty, the sorrow born of exploitation and human trafficking," he said. "We can also see the faces of those who are greeted with contempt because they are immigrants, deprived of country, house and family. We see faces whose eyes bespeak loneliness and abandonment, because their hands are creased with wrinkles." Francis has used the period leading up to Easter to stress his vision of service to the neediest. On Good Friday, he lamented that many people had become inured to daily scenes of bombed cities and drowning migrants.

(Photo by Steve McCrank, Daily Breeze/SCNG) Womens fashion chain Bebe has become the latest retailer to close its stores, disclosing plans to lay off about 700 employees by the end of May, including 22 who work at outlets in El Segundo and Torrance, according to notices filed with the state. The company has roughly 35 stores in California. Shuttering its apparel stores effective May 27 is a move to focus on online sales. The company is closing the locations without filing for bankruptcy, anonymous sources told Bloomberg News. However, if enough landlords are unwilling to negotiate, the company may have to file for bankruptcy. Bebe has no significant debt, but lost $200 million over the past four years, Bloomberg reported. Bebe announced last month it was exploring strategic alternatives for the company. The announcement followed an almost 17 percent reduction in net sales for the second quarter of 2016, which included the crucial holiday shopping season. Comparable store sales for the quarter ending Dec. 31, 2016, generally seen as a reliable indicator of a retail business strength, decreased 10.5 percent compared to the same period the prior year. The biggest layoffs announced were 136 at the companys Brisbane, California headquarters and 160 in Los Angeles. Ten workers at Bebes store in the high-end fashion wing at Torrances Del Amo Fashion Center will lose their jobs and 12 at its Plaza El Segundo outlet.

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